A Giant, Tweeting “Baby Trump” Balloon Is Flying Over L.A.’s Freeways

Have you spotted a giant baby Trump floating over the 110 freeway this morning?

If you were stuck in traffic longer than usual today on the 110 or 10 freeway, it’s likely due to the stunt pulled by Politicon – a two-day bipartisan expo being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend. The baby blimp was first seen as it flew over London this summer, with another appearance in Chigao just last week from a Woman’s March demonstration.

It’s pretty hard to miss the 20-foot-tall balloon depicting the President of the United States as a massive child wearing a diaper, phone in hand, getting ready to deliver his next modern-day presidential tweet.

As if traffic isn’t bad enough, we can only imagine that people will be moving a bit slower as they try to snap a picture of the hilarious object in the sky. Though it’s totally tweetable… be careful out there people!

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