Lyft Challenges Angelenos To Go 30 Days Without Using Their Cars For $677

Starting Wednesday, September 26 – Angelenos can enter Lyft’s #DitchYourCar challenge for the chance to win $677 of riding credit!

It’s known worldwide that people who live in the city of Los Angeles spend a lot of time sitting in their cars. That’s why the popular rideshare company is partnering with the Los Angeles Department of Transportation to launch a pilot program involving city-goers to go 30 days without using their car in exchange for $677 in transportation credit!

Only 100 lucky entrants will be chosen to participate in the challenge after being drawn at random, and like most sweepstakes, there’s a list of rules to follow.

Though there isn’t anything that specifies how Lyft will verify that participants haven’t used their cars during the 30-day period, we assume that they will heavily rely on the honor system. When it comes down to it, why not do your part in building a sustainable future while discovering new ways to travel within the city?

Sign-ups end at 11:59 PST on September 30 – find out how to enter here!

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