Oscar Mayer Is Looking To Hire Their Next Wienermobile Driver!

If you’ve been seeking adventure, you might want to consider becoming a ‘Hotdogger’!

Some people dream of traveling the world. Others dream of driving a 27-foot long hot dog on wheels. For the few of you who dream of both, what if we told you that your dreams can become a reality?

Oscar Mayer is looking to hire their next Wienermobile driver for a year-long position, beginning in June 2019.

Hotdoggers travel from coast to coast representing the company by organizing promotions, making television/radio appearances, attending charity functions and featuring in newspaper interviews. Think of it as your own traveling relations firm! The best part, of course, is getting paid to travel in a giant hot dog across the country. And by the looks of it, you’ll get to stay at some pretty sweet hotels too.

If your creativity and enthusiasm is as big as your appetite for adventure (and hot dogs), this probably sounds like the job of a lifetime! The last day to send in a resume is January 31. Applicants are encouraged to have a BA or BS in public relations, journalism, communications, advertising, or marketing, though it’s not required.

Fill out an application, here!

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