Tavern 101 Remained Open During A Fire Evacuation To Feed Over 1,000 First Responders

An Agoura Hills restaurant owner is being deemed as a local hero for keeping his shop open to feed hundreds of first responders despite the Woosley Fire evacuation. 🔥

Marco Gonzalez runs Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House – the eatery along Roadside Drive that has been pumping out hot meals since Friday. Gonzalez got permission over the weekend from local authorities to remain at his restaurant so that he could cook up free meals for fire fighters and paramedics that needed recharging.

On Monday, the resturant posted onto its Facebook that they were still open and feeding firefighters.

Dozens of resturants and bars all over the city have joined in on Tavern’s generosity by donating proceeds, needed suplies, and time to those affected in the Woosely fire. Locals even created a Venmo page so that Gonzalez and his team could continue to feed first responders; the account has reportedly closed in on $50,000!

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