Open-Air Silent Disco Yoga Is A Thing And Here’s Why You Absolutely Need To Try It

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Open-Air Silent Disco Yoga Is A Thing And Here’s Why You Absolutely Need To Try It

Sip, bend and boogie with this outdoor silent disco yoga class!   

The yoga scene reinvents itself every other week and open-air silent disco yoga is an all-new breed that combines everything we love in one: The outdoors, wellness and good beats! Yoga enthusiasts will get treated to a tea ceremony and an invigorating fitness session with your choice of music in a gorgeous al fresco setting. 

Step into an open-air oasis in L.A., then begin your journey with a welcome tea and meditation session. Sipping on a soothing brew during the tea ceremony will allow you to expand your awareness. The century-old practice is a pleasurable ritual that’s steeped in the power of intention. 

Once you put on your headphones, the ambient noise will be canceled out and you’ll be able to channel your focus into the voice of your instructor. So you won’t be distracted by birds squawking, traffic, or need to competing with the wind to hear anything. 

Each 60-minute session includes tea, headsets, mats, along with a silent disco experience. There’ll be a choice of reggae, hip hop, tribal deep house and classic meditation beats to help you find your groove. This ambient music will play in the background as your instructor speaks. 

All equipment is sanitized, but attendees are welcome to bring their own yoga mat, bolster, and rope. As with all Covid-friendly group activities, all participants will be required to wear a mask throughout the experience except when drinking tea. 

So why should you try a silent disco yoga? Well, there are countless benefits, but here are the 3 main reasons to dust off your neglected yoga leggings. 

1. It’s immersive!

We live in a world filled with noise. From your neighbor’s screaming kids to the relentless distraction of social media, finding your Zen is a daily struggle. With silent disco yoga, the high-quality headphones block out everything else and allow you to become laser-focused on the session. Besides the healing benefits of the music, you’ll also never miss a beat with the clarity of your instructor’s voice. 

2. A yoga studio with no limits. 

We’re all a little jaded with Zoom classes and with gyms closed, outdoor activities have taken center stage. Silent disco yoga broadens the location options, allowing more open-air space to become your sweat sanctuary. 

3. It’s a personalized collective experience.

It offers the best of both worlds with every class. You get to customize the volume and music, creating the feeling of being in an individual session, but you get to share it with others (safely). That’s a pretty rare feat in Covid times.

Find your new wellness groove and book your open-air sweat session here! 

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