Hike To A Hidden Swing With Breathtaking Views Of The Pacific Ocean

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Hike To A Hidden Swing With Breathtaking Views Of The Pacific Ocean

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Plus, there’s another secret spot right next to it.

UPDATE: The swing has been removed—but the views remain breathtaking.

Take a scenic hike along Douglas trail in Palos Verdes and you’ll find a “hidden swing” with expansive, jaw-dropping views of cliffs and ocean. It seems we’ll never really grow out of the playground activity of swinging and it’s almost impossible not to be drawn to one that makes your feel like your feet are soaring above one of the most stunning spots in Palos Verdes.

Gliding through the air with the wind in your hair is only part fo the thrill though, finding these playful gems is equally exciting. And on this Palos Verdes trail your workout effrots will be reawarded with sweeping vistas of the natural surroundings for pretty much the entire journey. While you could easily just take the short o.6-mile hike from either the upper or lower trailhead to the swing and wait your turn for the highly coveted Instagram shot, doing the entire 25-mile Palos Verdes Loop around the entire peninsula is well worth the effort.

But if you’re more of a thrill-seeker than a long-haul hiker, you can start your quest for the swing from Apsley Road and Palos Verdes Drive West. From there, you’ll head uphill on a trail until you reach an opening with stunning views of Bluff Cove. You’ll continue along a slightly rugged, narrow path that hugs the hillside and continues through groves of towering pines and eucalyptus trees. Walking from the lower trailhead to the swing will take roughly 10 minutes—and you’ll know when you see it.

It’s worth noting that riding swing does seem a little risky considering the steep drop. So if you’re not up for stomach-dropping sways, you can head to another hidden spot where you can relax in nets in the trees instead. You can find these “hammocks” right in the middle of the Lookout Point and the swing.

Watch out for ticks, speeding mountain bikers, eroded paths and parking restrictions. Of course, as with all swings around the city, they tend to come and go but at least with this trip, you’re guaranteed exquisite surroundings that are you’ll want to visit regardless.

Swing coordinates: 33.789307,-118.406728

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