This Epic Pink Floyd Exhibition In L.A. Is Now Open!

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This Epic Pink Floyd Exhibition In L.A. Is Now Open!

Relive five decades of Pink Floyd’s iconic rock history at this spectacular exhibit.

The iconic pig will be floating into Hollywood next month. Except, instead of packing into a stadium like sardines, fans will be taken on an audiovisual journey that transcends time and space. The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains brings the visionary universe of one of the most successful bands to life like never before.

After successfully debuting in London and touring Europe to rave reviews, this fascinating exhibit has finally landed in America—and its first stop is Los Angeles. Discover why visitors saw it twice, traveled abroad for it and consistently gave it 5 stars. Get your tickets here.

Delve into 50 years of extraordinary, boundary-pushing music, chronicled with this exceptionally curated and beautifully designed audiovisual experience. Featuring over 350 artifacts, unheard records, candid interviews, striking visuals, original instruments, holographic representations of artworks and aural innovation. Visitors will be transported right to the heart of the greatest music ever performed as though it was happening now.

If you weren’t around to witness it first-hand, this is your chance to relive Pink Floyd’s grandiose concerts with their complex stage designs, all scored by their ethereal extended opuses. Soar into oblivion with their experiential phase of the 1960s, drift through their undulating riffs and warping instrumentals, then land back on the ground with thematic meditations on life found in albums like ‘The Wall.’

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You’ll also get a rare glimpse into the lives of the band members themselves, who famously leaned towards anonymity, diverting attention away with their music and ever-evolving visual spectacles. Using interactive audio, audiences will be guided through their beginnings as a group of intellectual misfits and rise to rock royalty status. The voices of Syd Barret, David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason are carefully woven through the experience to shed light on their personal perspectives.

Their Mortal Remains allows audiences to step into the refracting prism of “Dark Side of the Moon” and into the kaleidoscopic rays with a heartfelt conclusion that only reinforces the band’s unwavering relevance.

Book your tickets and step into the imaginative world of one of the greatest rock bands in history.

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains

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