This Majestic Rainbow Installation Has Taken Over Heisler Park In Laguna Beach

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This Majestic Rainbow Installation Has Taken Over Heisler Park In Laguna Beach

Art meets nature in this moving aerial installation along the O.C. coast.

If you’ve strolled around Heisler Park In Laguna Beach lately, you would have noticed the technicolor art installation flowing majestically in the sky above you. Patrick Shearn’s “Sunset Trace” snakes seamlessly through the towering palms along the coast, reflecting the energy of the surrounding landscape.

Shearn of the L.A.art group Poetics Kinetics and Laguna Art Museum created the work in collaboration with the City of Laguna Beach as part of the ongoing Art & Nature series—a multidisciplinary exploration of how art interacts with the natural world. This huge, dynamic installation has been designed specifically for the location on Main Beach Park and is open to the public from November 5 through November 15.

“The theme of Art & Nature speaks particularly to the identity of Laguna Beach, which for over a hundred years has been a center for art, the appreciation of nature, and environmental awareness,” said Malcolm Warner the museum’s executive director.

In addition to the commissioned display, the series includes lectures, discussions, films and a range of activities on the theme. However, these will all be taking place virtually due to the pandemic, according to the museum. Its aim is to bring awareness to environmental issues while celebrating the harmony and connection between art and nature.

Like a brightly colored flock of birds that change form and move with the elements. It’s a beautiful juxtaposition of art and science that reminds us to slow down and get in touch with our environment.

If these “Skynets” look familiar, you may have seen Shearn’s signature installations in Los Angeles in 2016 with an exhibit called “Liquid Shard” at Pershing Square. These floating works of art have weaved their way around various cities with their graceful style gaining both global and local attention. You may have even seen the “Overview Effect” the giant roving Coachella Astronaut.

Location: Heisler Park just north of Main Beach in Laguna Beach


[Featured Image: Laguna Beach Art Museum ]

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