Popcorn M&M’s Have Been Spotted And They Come With A Crisp Rice Center

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Popcorn M&M’s Have Been Spotted And They Come With A Crisp Rice Center

This might be your new favorite streaming snack!

Throwing your M&M’s into your popcorn is a classic cinema snack that completes the whole movie-going experience. It’s also hard to imagine a better way to enjoy the endless hours of lockdown streaming marathons without a bowl of hot, salty popcorn with sweet bits of chocolate melting over it.

It seems that M&M’s have taken inspiration from candy popcorn and decided to engineer a snack that would take the beloved flavor combination to a whole new level of convenience. Although there is very little information about the Numerous food influencers have spotted the new flavor on shelves across the country.

Don’t be fooled by the name though, the only popcorn involved in this invention is possibly the flavoring. The packaging describes the treat as “Milk Chocolate with A Crisp Rice Center.” So it’s probably going to be a hybrid of Rice Krispies covered in the same classic chocolatey M&M’s shell—but with some kind of salty butter flavoring and a sublime crunch! Which actually sounds quite pleasing.

The new candy was found at Sheetz, a convenience store chain with outlets in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia. There’s no news about when this will become available on the West Coast yet, but perhaps the NFL references could hold the answers?

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you´ll just have to continue the old tradition of making popcorn and stirring in your favorite flavor of M&M’s.

Featured Image: @FoodieWithTheBeasts

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