Princess Diana: 5 Of Her Timeless Looks That Influence LA’s Fashion Today

Marie-Angèle Zoungrana Marie-Angèle Zoungrana

Princess Diana: 5 Of Her Timeless Looks That Influence LA’s Fashion Today

Diana was one of the first royals to dismiss the status quo. For her, baring parts of her body through style meant baring her soul. In fact, to this day, many speak on Princess Diana’s effortless ability to transmute a particular feeling through style. Discover 5 of her timeless looks that influence LA style today…

Learn about the untold stories of a princess who defies the odds.  

Oversize sweaters  

Who hasn’t seen oversize shirts, specifically sweaters, making their comeback? Though this style has often been attributed to Ariana Grande, Lady Di was one of the first to do it. In her signature look, the socks and sneakers add an athleisure vibe to the outfit that we just love! 

The classic blazer 

Blazers are once again becoming a staple in the LA wardrobe. Styled here on Princess Diana, the classic blazer and go-to little black dress is one of the trendiest looks of the moment. And of course, we’re keeping in mind the gold detailing for upcoming fits… 

The relaxed pair of jeans

Of course, jeans have always been in fashion. But looser, more relaxed pairs of jeans are coming back to the forefront, and we’re big fans of looking stylish while feeling good. Tight skinny jeans, we bid you farewell! 

Biker shorts 

Throughout her journey as a princess, Lady Di became more carefree in her personal choices and in her fashion sense. As she shed herself from the royal stigma, biker shorts became her signature ‘street style’— inspiring generations to come to adopt the perfect errand run ‘fit. 

Loose trousers

Snapped by royal photographer (and confidant) Anwar Hussein, this Princess Diana outfit features a loose pair of yellow pants that marry comfort and style. Tailored, straight cut pants are back on the LA scene, usually paired with a crop top or a simple t-shirt. Comfortable and stylish? Sign us up. 

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