The Race To Mars Turns Deadly With This Space-Themed Online Murder Mystery

Alex Landon Alex Landon

The Race To Mars Turns Deadly With This Space-Themed Online Murder Mystery

Is there life on Mars? Maybe, but there’s certainly death, and it’s up to you to find the killer

If NASA’s breathtaking recent photo of Mars has awakened a little interplanetary wanderlust in you, then we’ve got good news. In Race to Mars, you can now take a virtual trip to the Red Planet for a trip that’s out of this world, although it’s not going to be without incident – for murder most foul has been committed, and you’re being called on to investigate. Read on for a murder mystery game like no other, or pick up your tickets here.

Race to Mars

The race to Mars is a perilous journey, but one intrepid space agency looked to have emerged triumphant from the scramble, with their spaceship fast approaching Mars at the time of the last transmission. However, a new broadcast has confirmed the worst: the spaceship has suffered an explosion and disappeared into the dark reaches of the galaxy. With sabotage suspected, your job is to investigate the remaining space agencies and catch the murderer before they strike again…


To do so, you’ll have to interrogate suspects, look for clues, and form your theories about what really happened to the lost ship. Combining the old-school thrill of Clue, a cast of top-notch actors, and the ability to do it whilst sitting in your pajamas – yes, this is a mystery you can quite literally solve from your bed – this online murder mystery game will chase the boredom away. No astronaut suit is required, but you’re sure to forget about being on Earth once the game begins.

Race to Mars

The game begins at 3pm every Saturday and you can grab your tickets from our friends at Fever. I suggest you be on your guard though: zero gravity does strange things to people – even driving them to murder…

Sign up here to participate in this immersive mystery from your home! 

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