Around 2 Year’s Worth Of Rain Will Bring SoCal’s Drought To An End

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Around 2 Year’s Worth Of Rain Will Bring SoCal’s Drought To An End

Winter is coming—well, for a few days anyway.

Soak up the summer-like weather before a cold front brings light showers and chilly temperatures to the region on Friday and Saturday. Then a storm is expected to hit on Monday and again on Wednesday. This will bring much needed precipitation to the Southwest after a historic dry spell but could also bring flash floods to California over the next week, according to the National Weather Service.

These three separate storms will be brought on by a Pacific storm system. It follows the recent hurricane-force Santa Ana winds that left parts of California without power and caused giant swells along the coast. While the winds are expected this time of year, they aren’t normally met with parched landscapes creating a prolonged wildfire season.

Along with this welcome respite from the heat, there’ll be light snowfall in higher elevations on Friday to Saturday, then again on Sunday to Monday. From next Wednesday, however, things will become significantly cooler and wetter with heavier snowfall.

 Featured Image: Robert Nickson

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