Rainbow Glitter Pizza Is A Thing And You Can Get It In Santa Monica

Los Angeles has been on a roll with bizarre food trends, but this one may top them all!

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Rainbow Glitter Pizza Is A Thing And You Can Get It In Santa Monica

It may be a step too far, but it’s irresistibly pretty!

This unicorn food trend isn’t going anywhere! Gracing everything from Starbucks drinks to bagels, this colorful and sparkly spin on food has gone viral. But a particular pizza joint has earned a special place in everyone’s hearts by adding colorful glitter on top of pizza making it a magical meal.

DagWoods’, a popular pizza spot in Santa Monica, is home to the “Magical AF” pizza that’s been featured on shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! The mom-and-pop pizza shop originally debuted the colorful, crusted menu item in 2017 as a limited-run item but received so many requests that the team decided to keep it on the menu indefinitely.

It’s hard to say why a glittering, gooey rainbow pizza might be appealing, but in all fairness, the added sparkle does accentuate that delicious cheese topping. Then there’s the fact that it’s a dazzling combination of all the things we adore: glitter, rainbows and, of course, pizza!

Would you be down to try this creation?

Location: 820 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401. See it on Google maps.

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