These Rare Mezcals Are Impossible To Come By, Get A Taste With This Unique Experience

By Ashlyn Davis

Discover the gift of agave with this unparalleled tasting of curated mezcals.  

LA’s Madre! Oaxacan Restaurant & Mezcaleria is well known for delivering the essence of Oaxaca with modern-day flair. Its Palms and Torrance locations cumulatively boast the widest collection of mezcal in the US, with over 400 different bottlings on-site. When the lockdown went into place, owner and Oaxacan-native Ivan Vasquez shifted to a unique and luxurious home-kit model: Madre’s Mezcal Experience.  

The mezcal mavens have elevated the art of the agave liquor into pure artistry, uncovering flavors that will render almost every palate (outside of Mexico) uninitiated. In this rare artisanal flight, you’ll get to explore four curated offerings that are almost impossible to find anywhere else—including Alma Mezcalera, which is considered a gem in this liquor category.

To craft the perfect sip, you’ll also have the spicy and smoky salt de gusano (“worm salt”), a small piece of agave from Oaxaca and a map of Mexico with the agave territory so you can place all of it.

The Madre! team prides itself on cultivating lasting relationships with distilleries and has a passion for bringing a piece of Oaxaca to Los Angeles. And this truly is a testament to that.

Order your experience for pickup and take your palate on a rare adventure.