Take In A Sunset Or Sunrise Over The Hollywood Hills With These Rooftop Pilates Classes

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Switch up your sundowners for tight glutes and serious views.

Waking up for at the crack of dawn for a workout may not be enough to get you out of bed most days. But, a beautiful sunrise over the Hollywood Hills, the fresh air we’ve been starved of during lockdown and an invigorating sense of elevation from being on a rooftop might do the trick. While virtual gym classes need no introduction life under quar, SPEIR Pilates new outdoor classes certainly do.

Credit: SPEIR

“Let’s take this outside” is no longer an invitation to continue a bar brawl. Instead, it’s become synonymous with a whole new mode of lockdown living. As we know, gyms have been closed for longer than any fitness junky should ever have to deal with. And while businesses have been offering a plethora of virtual options to fill in the gaps—SPEIR included—let’s not pretend we couldn’t all do with that little boost with a safe outside class away from our trite habits.

This creative rooftop reimagining of the class in a WeHo location will be safe and socially distanced. All COVID-19 safety protocol can be found here on their website.

The class itself consists of the Rooftop: Power Reformer, and the Glutes + Abs Reformer. And for those understandably still not ready for outdoor exercise you can enjoy the virtual Pilates mat class in the comfort of your home. Early risers and sunset-seekers are both accommodated with classes offered at 8:30 am, 10:00 am, 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm, with only five customers accepted per class. So, if you want to guarantee a spot book well in advance.

If you needed that perfect calorie-free carrot dangled to get your fit and healthy, this might just be it.

Most classes already have a waitlist, so you’ll want to book your class soon.


Featured Image: SPEIR

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