You Can Get Chased By Clowns In Pasadena This Weekend, Which Seems Terrifying, TBH

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Running of the Clowns Los Angeles

Because nothing says ‘fun’ like ‘sprinting away from a pack of screaming clowns!’

Los Angeles has its share of weird traditions. A more recent (and disturbing!) addition to the city’s calendar is Old Pasadena’s ‘Running of the Clowns’, set to take place for fifth year this Sunday, October 21.

Running of the Clowns

Organised by Disney artist and Pasadena local Jim MacQuarrie, it’s inspired by the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, with runners encouraged to don the traditional red-and-white attire for their evasive race.


Fortunately, this event promises rather less animal cruelty and greatly reduced likelihood of being trampled, even if there are 1000% more CLOWNS, and whatever unspeakable cosmic fate awaits you should their unceasing pursuit wear your down. (Probably something to do with cackling and your eternal soul.)

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This an informal community event, with clowns and coulrophobes alike taking part totally free, so turn up for the cause of making something weird happen, and freaking out the squares. And if you can’t be bothered with a personal trainer, rampaging clowns should give you all the motivation you need to get some exercise…

Location: Big Bang Theory Alley, opposite the Holly Street Metro Station, Old Pasadena.
Time: It starts at 4pm on Sunday, October 21.
Price: free, though you’re encouraged to dress for the occasion!
For updates: see the Facebook event.

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