These Dreamy ‘Secret Swings’ Near L.A. Come With Gorgeous Ocean Views

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These Dreamy ‘Secret Swings’ Near L.A. Come With Gorgeous Ocean Views

These ‘Gram-worthy swings come with salty air and beautiful beach views.

Flying above the sandy beach and watching the sun sink into the Pacific is hard to beat. There’s no denying the enchantment of a simple swing. No matter how old you get, momentarily defying gravity and daring to go a little higher with each sway never fails to evoke that youthful glee. So when you stumble upon swings on a quiet beach in Malibu with pink skies over the horizon and waves lapping the shores, it’s too good not to share.

Part of what makes swings in these parts so alluring is the adventure of finding them. They tend to be rather elusive, which is partly due to the number of people it attracts to one location. Apart from that, they also suffer some wear and tear or they’re attached to a tree that subjected to some trimming.

Since L.A.’s favorite Elysian Park swing was taken away, the search for a new ‘secret swing’ to replace it has continued. And these rustic ones made with rope and wood with views of Carbon Beach might just be our new favorite!

Private beaches along California’s coast have always been a contentious topic and Carbon Beach is no exception. The mile-and-a-half stretch of silky sand from the Malibu Pier toward Santa Monica has come a long way since its days of exclusivity. It was previously dubbed “Billionaire’s Beach” because unless you were part of the Hollywood elite or one of the few lucky enough to own a home on it, chances are, you would never have stepped foot on it. Residents have been made endless attempts to prevent public access to it, ranging from fake signs to court cases. Luckily, it remains a public beach and in 2015 a new access path was introduced followed by a nonbillionaires celebration on it.┬áBy state law, any wet sand (or anything between the waterline and the mean high tide line) is public land.

Make no mistake this beach is pure heaven and it’s understandable that locals would rather you didn’t know about it, so keep that in mind and be respectful of that if you plan to go for a day of sun. After all, part of what makes the whole experience magical is how peaceful and clean it is.

Location: 22150 pacific coast highway, Malibu CA

Note: These swings are still attached to private property and while many have snapped photos on the swings, it’s unclear whether the owners welcome guests or not. Proceed at your own risk.

[Featured Image:@ashleyinthemidst]

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