SoCal’s Magical Polar Express Train Is Back For The Holiday

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

polar express train

All aboard! Take the express route to North Pole delight!

Hop aboard this enchanting train and relive the thrill of the famous classic story of The Polar Express. Passengers will be whisked away on a spectacular one-hour voyage to the North Pole, set to the sounds of the motion picture soundtrack. On this ride, the journey is the destination with every carriage brimming with holiday charm. Every inch of the restored coaches is decked out in festive decor with a warm glowing light.

CRedit: The Polar Express Train Ride. Photo by Guy Rhodes
Once onboard, your carriage hosts will work their way around the coach, punching your golden ticket before dancing chefs serve steaming cocoa and scrumptious Walkers Shortbread to passengers. As the journey continues, so does the narrative. You’ll follow along as Chris Van Allsburg’s iconic children’s book The Polar Express is brought to life by actors.
The Polar Express Train Ride. Photo by Guy Rhodes

Santa and his elves will also be aboard bearing silver sleigh bells as gifts for each guest to take home as a keepsake. Throughout the trip, characters on each vehicle will entertain the passengers and lead carols just like the Warner Brother’s film. 

This year, the ride will depart from Southern California Railway Museum in Perris, CA. and The Fillmore & Western Railway in Fillmore will no longer be operating. Seats will be arranged to allow for the best possible view of the entertainers, so no one misses a single bit of the magic.

There’ll be trains running throughout November and December. You can find more information and tickets here.


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