L.A. County Stay-At-Home Order Likely To Be Kept In Place For Next 3 Months

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Despite restrictions being lifted slowly, there’s still a long way to go before things go back to normal.

L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer acknowledged during a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, that stay-at-home orders will “with all certainty” be extended for the next three months. That means restrictions will last through July

“Our hope is that by using the data, we’d be able to slowly lift restrictions over the next three months,” she said.

According to the Times, Ferrer made the comments as the board debated whether to extend the county’s eviction halt for another one to three months.

As we know, unless there is a drastic change in the numbers and resources needed or a vaccine is readily available, restrictions would not be lifted completely.

In line with last month’s extension, the following regional requisites would need to be met before the restrictions could be completely lifted:

  1. Healthcare system capacity
  2. Adequate protection for the most vulnerable
  3. Increased ability to test, isolate and trace the virus
  4. A means of maintaining physical distancing

In both the county and the state, restrictions are slowly being eased. A number of businesses have been allowed to reopen with strict guidelines on how to do so, hiking trails have reopened with a few exceptions and on Wednesday, L.A. County beaches will reopen with restrictions.

However, along with this, the number of deaths and cases have continued to rise. On Monday, health officials reported an additional 38 deaths and 566 new cases in L.A. County.

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