If You Run A Small Business, We Want To Tell Your Lockdown Story

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Behind every business, no matter what size, no matter what industry, there are people. And every person has a powerful story to tell. The team at Secret Los Angeles is passionate about uncovering the beauty in every experience and sharing it with the world. So, recently, we ventured out to catch up with small businesses to find out how they’ve been weathering the storm and what the return to new normal looks like for them.

Our first stop was The Last Bookstore, the Downtown L.A. treasure trove of used and new books, records and graphic novels—the largest of its kind in California. Here, booklovers, artists and musicians lose themselves in the labyrinth of book tunnels, hidden rooms and sculptures. As a store that’s on a mission to save the “ink and book business” in a world of digital giants, this turn of events has proven that there’s still a prevailing hunger for connection and community.

“We pivoted to mail order which saved us,” said owner Josh Spencer. “You’ll be amazed at how many people will order one $5 book but they want to drive 30 mins just to come and get it just to get out the house and have something to do.”

Now, as we begin to roll up the shutters and blow off the dust of lockdown, we’re faced with a new set of challenges. There’ll be new triumphs and possibly some painful goodbyes as businesses navigating this new landscape.

Whatever that story looks like, we want to hear about it.

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We believe that small, local businesses are the fabric of every city, they exude the lifestyles and idiosyncrasies that shape unique experiences. So, we’re aiming to keep it that way by using our power to put your business in the spotlight while delivering on our purpose of bringing the best of every city to our audience.

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