5 Tasty Treats You Can Enjoy At The Stranger Things Drive Into

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5 Tasty Treats You Can Enjoy At The Stranger Things Drive Into

Fuel your adventures into Upside Down with these delicious snacks from Starcourt Mall! 

The Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience is now open in Downtown L.A., transporting visitors through the dimensions and back in time! Cruise through the drive-into and you’ll emerge in the 80s, in the small sleepy town of Hawkins, Indiana. But before you follow Eleven and the gang on their journey through hidden Russian labs and into the Upside Down, you’ll need to stock up on some snacks for the road. Gotta keep those energy levels up for this adventure! 

Luckily down at Starcourt Mall, you can expect lots of nostalgia, neon and plenty of tasty treats for you to try. Just have a browse of the food court menu and then you can order a taste of the 1980s directly to your car! Keep scrollin’ to check out what’s on offer….

1. Round up your troop, Scoops Ahoy has docked in LA

Now you can join Robin, Steve and the other young bucks of Hawkins and hit up Scoops Ahoy in real life! Straight from Hawkins, Indiana, your favorite ice cream parlor has hit the shores of LA with the immersive Stranger Things: Drive Into Experience. From secret labs to the Upside Down; adventure is on the horizon and Scoops Ahoy by Dreyer’s has just the ice cream to match it. Order your Dreyer’s scoops straight to your car from the Starcourt Mall food court menu. How a-boat that! ⭐Sponsored ⭐

2. While you’re hunting Demogorgons, why not hunt down some Sour Patch Kids? 

Turns out the Stranger Things crew aren’t the only kids you’ve got to look out for down in Hawkins. You’ve also got to keep an eye out for Sour Patch Kids! Sour then sweet and mouthwateringly tasty, these delicious candy treats are the perfect snack to keep you going on your adventures into the strange(r) unknown. Sour Patch Kids candy will be available on the Starcourt Mall food menu and you’ll be able to order them directly to your car. Get ‘em before they’re gone! ⭐Sponsored ⭐

3. Auntie Anne’s pretzels are a taste of the 80’s 

No shopping mall would be complete without an Auntie Anne’s, which is why the city of Hawkins is proud to announce that Starcourt Mall will be serving up the nation’s favorite pretzels. You’ll be able to order heavenly, fresh pretzels straight to your car! Founded in the 1980s, Auntie Anne’s pretzels are the perfect nostalgic treat to transport you back in time to the Hawkins of the 80s, at the Stranger Things Drive-Into Experience. And if you just can’t wait for a taste of these baked goods, you can find them in the freezer aisle of your local grocery stores too! ⭐Sponsored ⭐

4. Get a couple of Corn Dogs delivered to your car

Starcourt Mall is now serving up everybody’s favorite snack… corn dogs! That’s right folks, if you’re feeling hungry during your Stranger Things Drive Into Experience, don’t panic – just order some corn dogs to your car. You’ll need to keep your energy up to make it through all the strange(r) trials and tribulations ahead of you on this mission! Besides, for a classic treat that will never disappoint, you can’t go wrong with a corn dog. Delicious! 

5. Don’t forget the popcorn! 

Last but not least…the king of all snack foods, and an absolute essential on your cinematic journey into the world of Stranger Things – popcorn! While this immersive theatrical experience might be a little different to your regular trips to the movies, there’s still something so satisfying about munching on some delicious buttery popcorn while the action unfurls around you. So don’t forget to order some to your car as you cruise through the town of Hawkins and into the Upside Down.

Want to assess all your snacking options? Take a look at the full food court menu here. 

stranger things starcourt mall menu

Ready to plan your own road trip to Hawkins? Get your hands on tickets here and stay tuned for further updates.

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