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Wander Through A Vibrant Summer Pop-Up Featuring Art Installations, A Secret Garden Oasis & Gifts!

By Ashlyn Davis

Wander Through A Vibrant Summer Pop-Up Featuring Art Installations, A Secret Garden Oasis & Gifts!

Step into a dazzling summer dreamland filled with multimedia art, flowers, neon installations and a surprise!

Beverly Center is about to become the ultimate summer haven with immersive art, whimsical summer moments and a mystery surprise. Grab tickets to the Summer of Dreams experience and get access to the Museum of Dream Space (MODS), a summer garden oasis with picnic tables, neon hearts, treats and special gifts — which could even be a $500 shopping spree.

Your adventure begins at the magical MODS in Beverly Hills where you’ll traverse a kaleidoscopic maze of mirrors and dazzling light displays. This popular museum is the first in the country to showcase mostly digital art, where vibrant works spill over into your physical surroundings to create a “dreamlike” wonderland. These themed exhibits take inspiration from Yayoi Kusama’s world-renowned Infinity Mirror Rooms.

Once you’ve brightened up your feed (and mood), you’ll wander through Beverly Center’s seasonal summer garden where gorgeous palms, vivid blooms, picnic tables, sweet treat carts and neon hearts await you. Your day will be filled with obligatory selfie moments to illuminate your feed for the entire season.

But you won’t just be treated to an array of visual delights, you’ll also get a mystery gift which could either be shopping or dining experiences at Beverly Center ranging from $10, $20, $50 gift cards to its stores or restaurants, to even a few $500 shopping experiences!

Honestly, this is the art and retail therapy we sincerely need right now!

Book your tickets and experience an unforgettable summer of art, garden oases, special gifts and SO much more!

Summer of Dreams at the Museum of Dream Space: Digital Floral Art!

August 5, 2021 18:30 (View more details)