There’s A Taco Truck Roaming The Streets Of L.A. Just Like An Ice Cream Truck

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

There’s A Taco Truck Roaming The Streets Of L.A. Just Like An Ice Cream Truck

The city’s prayers have been answered!

Remember the jingle of the neighborhood ice cream truck that used to ring down the streets as the sweet reminder that summer had arrived? Well, fast-forward to adulthood and switch the cones for gorgeous corn taco shells and add sizzling hot meat topped with fresh guacamole, and you have the taco equivalent. Yes, a full-blown taco truck delivering joy to the streets of L.A.

On The Go LA is a brand new initiative created by three 24-year-olds, Enrique, Gabriel and Alberto. They are partnering with family-owned restaurants and helping them find a new set of wheels in the form of an ice cream truck. Basically, they serve as a match-making platform for hungry neighborhoods, truck owners and businesses that want to feed them. They optimize the routes, create marketing assets and sort out all the logistics in the most cost-efficient way possible.

They had their first successful test drive with Tirsa’s Mexican Cafe bringing her beloved Mexican-inspired flavor to Inglewood. Lucky residents could get some of their famous lime-grilled chicken chipotle on a bed of chips with refried beans, sour cream and guacamole, by hailing down the light-blue truck.

Restaurants or truck owners can apply to join this mobile food mission that’s aimed at helping communities recover from the impacts of the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests by giving small businesses a chance to reach new areas.

If you want to catch the next food truck, you can take a look at their online schedule and get your mask and wallet ready.

Featured Image: On The Go LA