The Dominican Republic Is Officially Reopening To Tourism On July 1

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

The Dominican Republic Is Officially Reopening To Tourism On July 1

Just in time for summer vacation.

Joining the likes of Aruba, Antigua & St. Lucia, the Dominican Republic will begin welcoming back tourists this July.

Caribbean Journal reported the news just last week, sharing that the director of the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Lucien Echavarria, exclusively told them that “about 40-50% of the country’s hotel inventory would open its doors in July.” The rest of the hotels are predicted to open in November.

They also confirmed that the country’s busiest airport, Punta Canta Airport, is reopening commercial flight operations on July 1, along with all of the smaller airports in the country as well. Multiple international flights from the likes of Los Angeles and San Juan are set to land in the country on that date.

“On Phase 4 of the de-escalation process, projected to start on July 1st, 2020, tourism will be reactivated, opening hotels, airports, gyms and restaurants,” their official tourism site reads.

Of course, many health and safety precautions are in place, including disinfecting services, hand sanitizer stations, and separate areas designated for those who are sick.

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featured image source: Photo by Leonardo Rossatti from Pexels

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