Step Into The World’s Most Powerful 360° Immersive Sound & Light Platform

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

Step Into The World’s Most Powerful 360° Immersive Sound & Light Platform

Float in an audiovisual “cloud” on this one-of-a-kind sound sphere! 

If this 3-story platform, resembling a glowing cumulonimbus formation, seems like it’s from another universe, it’s probably because nothing else like it exists. “The Fluffy Cloud” is an experiential artwork and the world’s only 360-degree sound space, which blew audiences away at its Burning Man and Art Basel debut in 2019. Now, for one day only, it will be shaking up L.A.’s music and arts scene at this immersive pop-up on October 9.

Guests will step into an artistic playground on South Main Street, filled with interactive art, food trucks, games, world-class musical acts and much more. But, of course, the main event is the patent-pending cloud experience at the heart of it all.

Its iridescent, sound-reactive shell permeated with over 33,000 LEDs houses a mammoth custom 60,000-watt 360-degree sound system. Revelers will be enveloped in bone-shaking sound capable of hitting frequencies sharper and deeper than any other in the world.

To get you plugged into the cloud, your day will begin with an acoustic immersion and wellness practice led by top practitioners in sound and mindfulness. Then, Mind Against, Sainte Vie, Yulia Niko, and Lauren Mia will carry you deep into the night with an array of electronic and melodic techno beats. Unlike your average concert, you’ll leave feeling more present, energized and connected than ever before.

This incredible feat of engineering and art is capable of creating an immersive, 15,000-square-foot audiovisual sphere, while artists come closer than ever in a small stage centered at the heart of the crowd under the cloud. It’s a live performance space, sound and light system all wrapped into one surreal, roaming art installation carrying the ethos of the Playa wherever it goes. This is how music deserves to be experienced.

Get your tickets to this pop-up experience and discover what it’s like to swim through sound! 

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