This Lockdown Helicopter Tour Makes LA Look Like A Dystopian Paradise

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This Lockdown Helicopter Tour Makes LA Look Like A Dystopian Paradise

Rush hour in LA has never looked so majestic.

The congested city is experiencing a complete transformation during the lockdown. Helicopter pilot Micah Muzio took a tour around Los Angeles on Friday, April 11 between 5 and 6 pm. Usually, the freeways would be gridlocked around that time, but instead, the roads reflected a beautiful ghost town with light etching out every building and landmark.

The whole video is extremely soothing, but here are some of the epic highlights.

The skies were so clear you could Disneyland

la lockdown abandoned
View of Disneyland via Micah Flies YouTube

Normally the LA smog would veil the family attraction, but thanks to the lockdown, the skies have cleared up and visibility is better than ever.

Downtown Long Beach looked like a skater’s paradise

Downtown Long Beach via Micah Flies YouTube

The empty winding lanes had hardly any cars in sight and expanses of water looked more like glass.

Long Beach had little more than a lonely fisherman

la in lockdown
Long Beach via Micah Flies YouTube

Toned and tanned bathers that would usually fill the beach, but there was just one lonely soul enjoying the vast stretch of sand.

Queen Mary looked hauntingly abandoned

la in lockdown
Queen Mary via Micah Flies YouTube

Drinks on the permanently docked cruise ship seem like a distant memory now.

The usual Downtown hustle and bustle was reduced to the odd car

Downtown LA via Micah Flies YouTube

The footage allows you to appreciate the beauty of every corner that would otherwise be lost in a sea of cars and people.

Manhattan Beach could have doubled up as a desert island

la lockdown
Manhattan Beach, LA via Michah Flies YouTube

All that’s missing from this is Tom Hanks, a Wilson volleyball, and maybe a few trees.

Featured image: Micah Muzio

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