Indulge In Sushi, Mochi & Traditional Japanese Treatments At This Heavenly Spa In Beverly Hills

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Indulge In Sushi, Mochi & Traditional Japanese Treatments At This Heavenly Spa In Beverly Hills

Enjoy treatments tailored to your physical, mental and emotional needs, then wrap up in a kimono for sushi and mochi.

It’s hard to fathom why the concept of combining spa treatments and cuisine isn’t more widely adopted. At Tomoko Spa in Beverly Hills,  holistic Japanese treatments couples are artfully coupled with a dining experience that will redefine your standards of indulgence and make you feel like you’ve spent the day in Kyoto.

Stepping into the serene, minimalist setting with wooden accents will instantly nudge you towards that Zen state. If you choose the couples package, you and your S/O will be led into a waiting room where you’ll sip on teas and be presented with a tray of delicious treats like chocolate truffles and coconut jelly.

Once you’ve wrapped yourself up in a kimono in your private change room, you’ll have a traditional Ashiyu foot soak followed by an Ofuro bath in a cypress tub made of Hinoki wood which is used to expel toxins and release trauma. Then, you’ll have an 80-minute massage that blends Swedish and Japanese methods. If this doesn’t cure your stress levels, nothing will.

All massage techniques are specially designed to unblock energy, increase flexibility and leave you in a calm, but present headspace. A combination of Japanese, Thai, Swedish and Chinese massage traditions are used and all treatments are tailored to your physical, mental and emotional needs. Owner Tomoko Kurono soent nine years traveling and developing these signature hybrid massages, so you know you’re in good hands.

Afterward, you can throw the kimonos back on and soak up all the good vibes while enjoying excellent sushi, green tea and mochi from one of L.A.’s beloved eateries, Sugarfish.

There are various options available ranging starting from $240 for short, single treatments. While it may be a little bit expensive, it is hard to put a price tag on feeling this goo, especially when it’s as pristine and seamless as this.

Location: 141 S Beverly Dr. Beverly Hills, CA 90212



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