L.A. Is One Of The Top 5 US Cities For An Outdoorsy Lifestyle, Study Shows

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L.A. has been named the 5th best city in the US for an outdoorsy lifestyle.

Every Angeleno knows that LA is home to some breathtaking parks, stunning beaches, cute canals, lush botanical gardens. The city has also done its best to ensure there are a plethora of outdoor activities to capitalize on the stunning landscapes—including cocktails sky-high havens and gondola rides down cute canals. To add to that, we have some the most exquisite national parks right at our fingertips. So it should come as no surprise that L.A. has been crowned the 5th best city out of to live in within the US for an outdoorsy lifestyle, according to a thorough study carried out by Wilderness Times.

Credit: Wilderness Times

The methodology takes several data-driven factors into account, such as housing, weather, air quality, population density, national & state parks, nearby hiking and biking trails, plus the number of parks within 10-minute walking distance.

Seattle, Washington, came in top place overall followed by Boston, Massachusetts in second, Minneapolis, Minnesota, in third and San Francisco, California in fourth, just 0.24 points ahead of L.A.

The City of Angels received a score of 7.17 out of 10 with 2,518 miles worth of trails nearby—the second highest after Seattle and more than double Minneapolis with 815 miles. While L.A. was on the higher ending of the house price scale, it has one the lowest median house prices out of California cities in the list along with San Diego.

Featured Image: Wilderness Times

Featured Image: Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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