You Can Stay In This Rare Mid-Century Futuro House In Joshua Tree

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You Can Stay In This Rare Mid-Century Futuro House In Joshua Tree

Leave the world behind and escape to this retro UFO House.

UFOs have been the talk of the nation lately and while U.S. Intelligence speculates around the “unidentified aerial phenomena,” we have come across another vessel that is most certainly ‘out of this world.’ As we know, deserts across America have hosted some pretty unusual happenings so finding a UFO-like dwelling, planted firmly in Joshua Tree seems only fitting.

Credit: Airbnb

Okay, so the Area 55 Futuro House in Joshua Tree might not beam you up to a distant galaxy, but it does provide a departure from our four-cornered living rooms. It’s also quite a bit cheaper than a $52 million SpaceX ticket with daily rates of $245 (or $375 with taxes and cleaning fees). This highly-coveted, bright orange ellipsoid is one of just 85 Futuro Houses in the world, 19 in the US and this happens to be the only one that offers a single night’s stay.

Guests will enter through a hatch and find two bedrooms with breathtaking 360-degree views of the deserts and sunshine pouring in through the elliptical windows. There’s a bathroom, an outdoor shower and an al fresco kitchen where you can have a barbecue or keep a lookout for extraterrestrial visitors. As a 5-acre plot of land that’s incredibly remote, stargazers will also be treated to nightly shows around the fireplace.

Credit: Airbnb

These Mid-Century Techno-utopian creations were designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in 1968 with only a few manufacturers licensed to produce them. Each one is made from prefabricated plastic parts and can be found in various climates and landscapes around the world. An abandoned one hovers in the relentless Texas heat, another in snowy Russia and there’s even one planted on a beach in Australia. You can find them all cataloged on this dedicated website .

Credit: Airbnb

While you might expect retro interiors that are more reflective of the 60s and 70s, Area 55 is decked out with modern decor and amenities, including solar-powered charging points and gas-run air-conditioning.

If you’re looking for a 2021 desert odyssey, this flying saucer might be just what you need.

Find out more and book your stay through Airbnb here.

Featured Image: Area 55 via Airbnb

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