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Encounter Real-Life Unicorns At This Magical Pop-Up Experience In A Secret L.A. Location

By Ashlyn Davis

Featured Image: Unicorntopia(™)

Ride into an enchanting oasis where beautiful unicorns roam freely.

Imagine stumbling into a secret L.A. location with a lush garden and majestic unicorns roaming freely. Now stop imagining. Unicorntopia’s Unicorn Experience™ is a portal to a dreamland, where beautiful therapy ponies bring fantasy to life. 

Somewhere over the rainbow and through the sparkling gates, you’ll find this fairytale haven where intricate, floor-sweeping gowns and rose garlands are the everyday attire. In your 90-minute journey through a pastel-dotted paradise, there’ll be a meet and greet with the mythical creatures where you’ll get to know them (and they may even get to know you) by name. Expect spellbinding surprises on every corner and beauty so epic it will make your eyes glisten. 

Credit: Unicorntopia(™)

Celebrities are known to ride in on ponies—but no two nights are ever the same, so the only thing guaranteed is pure bliss. Every visitor will also get to take a bit of the magic home with a parting unicorn-worthy gift. 

As we’ve all been deprived of contact for much of the last year so this quality time with adorable animals just looking for some affection is the perfect way to break the cabin fever spell (safely). But hurry, it’s a pop-up and unicorns are known to be here one minute and then next minute, poof, they’re gone! 

 Experience designer Amanda Besemer and the unicorn lovers at Unicorntopia(™) are well-versed in the art of glittering days of pure magic—which is probably why these events seem to be as elusive as the mythical creatures themselves.  

Book your ticket to this secret haven and add some magic to your life!

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From March 2021
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