The New Bars At Union Station Are Drop-Dead Gorgeous

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Imperial Western Union Station

New Urbanist Margaritas For Transit-Oriented Señoritas.

Inexplicably, it’s been over 50 years since this gorgeous hall at Union Station was last put to use as a popular restaurant. But at long last, this picture-perfect space been lovingly restored and opened to the public as a killer pair of bars, perfect for any thirsty new arrival (or returnee) to Los Angeles.

Imperial Western Union Station
Photo: @seanphorton

Pride of place is the beautiful beer hall from Imperial Western Brewing Company, which makes the most of Union Station’s heartstopping Art Deco features, every element painstakingly returned to its former glory.

Bar games like pool tables, shuffleboard and checkers dot the space, which can handle more than 400 guests at a time. The 18 beers available are, as you might expect, on point, while seafood-y bar snacks are a highlight, including $1 oysters during their Mon-Thu happy hours.

Oyster platter
Photo: Imperial Western

For cocktails, venture further inside until you stumble across this inviting portal…

Streamliner Bar
Photo: @thatsmax

You’ve arrived at the luscious Streamliner Bar, a more intimate space and the perfect drink spot for a post-journey sharpener for whoever you’re meeting off the train. Just look at the total loveliness…

Cocktail Bar Union Station

The drinks here are a steal at $7–9, with pre-batched cocktails ensuring swift service for those with a train to catch. There’s a concise fourteen-item menu with Old Fashioneds, daquiris and Manhattans among the classic recipes on offer. Ice cubes embossed with the venue’s minimal logo, which is pretty fancy if you ask me.

Cocktails glowing
Photo: @steviemitchla

Both venues are open daily: Imperial Western from 4pm and Streamliner from 4.47pm (we have no idea why, either.) And tonight, October 11, they celebrate their official Grand Opening from 7pm, where there’ll be additional live entertainment and your first beer is on the house. (Or on the station, we suppose.) See you there?

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