There’s A Lavish Murder Mystery Happening At A Virtual Mansion, And You’re Invited

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

murder mystery

Murder, mystery and thrills await you!

Step into the extravagant world of billionaires with Colonel Grady Poupon’s virtual “fundraising gala” where secrets spread, intrigue intensifies, and a trail of evidence mounts. You and fellow fur-clad guests will bid on extravagant jewels. But who can you trust?

The Dainty Dames are known for delivering exhilarating—and hilarious— murder mystery events to prominent Hollywood venues. Now, they’re bringing you their most popular show straight to your home with this “Murder Without A Clue!” virtual experience

Join the Colonel’s pet staff members on Zoom and indulge in a lavish night of gossip and backstabbing—it’s all safe, don’t worry. At least we think it is? Once you’ve booked your spot you’ll be given your own character, suspects, and top-secret files. Then, in your 2-hour hunt, you’ll mingle with the filthy rich (virtually, of course), interrogate party guests, follow the clues and allow the mystery to unravel. Will you catch the killer before another guest falls prey?

Up to 10 households will join you in this reimagined series featuring live actors, games, an in-home scavenger hunt, trivia and more! This fun-filled evening is designed by the Dainty Dames, who happen to have backgrounds in writing and forensics. So you know you’re in safe hands and experiencing it all from the security of your own home. But watch your back and trust no one!

Book your evening of mysteries and thrills here!

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