Grammy Award-Winner WAR Will Be Performing Live In Ventura This Month

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Grammy Award-Winner WAR Will Be Performing Live In Ventura This Month

Get your tickets and experience a powerful performance by WAR on this one-of-a-kind stage.

Hop into your car and relive the best years of the Grammy Award-winning group WAR. The original street band will be performing timeless hits like “Low  Rider” and “Why Can’t We Be Friends” on this epic 360-degree stage at Concerts In Your Car (Ventura County Fairgrounds) on May 29.

You’ll roll into a vast outdoor space, equipped with high-quality sound systems, impressive lighting displays, huge screens in four directions and tune into the music through your FM radio. There’ll be up to 700 vehicles all facing the stage, organized for a safe and unforgettable live show. 

The L.A. group has an extensive list of musical accomplishments with nods from a wave of legendary artists like Kendrick Lamar and Tupac. But beyond that, they have also been recognized for bettering the community. 

It all started in 1969 with a mission of spreading the message of brotherhood and harmony in an anti-Vietnam America. Using their voices as weapons, they tackled issues like racism, hunger, gangs and crimes with the aim of filling people with hope. Their words have continued to resonate with audiences throughout the decades and couldn’t be more relevant today. 

After enduring a challenging year, starved of interaction and live performances, it’s hard to think of a better way of uniting Angelenos than with the powerful music of WAR. 

Buckle up and book tickets to this unforgettable concert. 

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