5 Weird And Wonderful Things You Have To See In L.A.

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

weird and wonderful

A handful of bold, bizarre and beautiful discoveries around L.A.

There’s no shortage of unusual wonders in L.A., from the eccentric personalities to the colorful homes turned into ever-evolving artworks, there’s always something to satisfy curious minds. So, it’s no surprise that amongst the Downtown highrises and atop the iconic hills, there are tons of fascinating places to discover. Some are hiding in plain sight, while others require some adventuring, but here are our favorite quirky things to see around L.A.

1. Randyland, Echo Park

This glowing glass cathedral is made of thousands of bottles hoarded from all over the world, creating a bright, outdoor spectacle in the area. Each bottle is filled with colored water, producing beautiful light effects as the sunlight passes through them and refracts technicolor spectrums that dance across the ground as the sun sinks into the horizon. This mesmerizing glass mosaic titled the Phantasma Gloria (or Randyland) is an installation that sits on the perimeter of the artist Randlett King Lawrence’s property and can be explored by appointment at dusk on Sundays.

Location: 1646 Lemoyne St, Los Angeles

2. Tesla Coil, Griffith Observatory

Nikola Tesla’s innovative invention of alternating current proved itself as the most efficient way of transmitting electricity, crowning him the winner of the so-called War of Currents against Thomas Edison. While his lofty ambitions of disseminating electricity to homes without any wires are still, in part, nothing more than a vision, you get to see his initial models in action with bolts of electricity darting around an enclosed alcove.


3. The Sunken City, San Pedro

A landslide in 1929, brought the initial land that connected Pacific Ave to Paseo Del Mar, outside the perimeter of Point Fermin Park tumbling into the Pacific Ocean.  A number of timber-framed homes and Red Car rail tracks of this exclusive San Pedro neighborhood went sliding down into the blue abyss with it. Today, it’s known as the “Sunken City” which has been abandoned for years—except by the likes of graffiti tag crews and adventurous trespassers.

Location: Paseo Del Mar, Los Angeles

4. Time Travel Mart, Sunset Boulevard

Travel to a different dimension and dabble in futurist engineering at this forward-thinking haven of creativity and imagination. Every year the “time scouts” and “creative cohorts” delve deep into the future to bring you an entire emporium of fascinating products of the future. The result is a convenience store offering incredible books authored completely by students and published by Barnacle & Barnacle Publishers.


5. Bradbury Building

The ornate and intricate Victorian ironwork of this historic landmark contrasts with the stunning lacquered wooden accents with light pouring in through the glass atrium. While the building has typically been occupied by businesses with the odd tour available for the public, it’s now home to a hidden cocktail bar called the Wyman—an ode to the lesser-known architect who designed it. Sink into one of the plush pick sofas for afternoon teas and pull up at the sleek marble bar for evenings of live music, talks and more.

Location: 304 S Broadway, Los Angeles


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