9 Places To Buy Beautiful Flowers Around Los Angeles

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9 Places To Buy Beautiful Flowers Around Los Angeles

Holidays, anniversaries, just because? Here’s a list of places around Los Angeles to buy flowers for any occasion!

Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter what they’re for, flowers can brighten anyone’s day! But what do you do when you have plans on surprising your loved one and the guy that’s usually there with a bucket of flowers when you exit the freeway is nowhere to be found?

We’ve made a list of the best places to buy flowers around Los Angeles so that you can gift bundles of joy, all year long!

1. The Original Los Angeles Flower Market

The famous L.A. flower district is a no-brainer if you like getting up early and scoring great deals! This is especially a great place to go if you’re looking to buy a lot of flowers… making your bae’s Insta-fantasy of rose petals leading them from the driveway to a candlelit bubble bath come true doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! There’s a variety of vendors to choose from who sell all sorts of plants, so consider it a heaven of sorts if you love DIY projects.

754 Wall St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. See it on Google maps.

2. Flamingo Estate

A subscription to Flamingo Estate is like having wealthy friends that own a lush oasis brimming with natrual splendor which they lovingly (and sustainably) cultivate and harvest to create the most luxurious products. This 1940s LA landmark boasts a garden with 150 botanical species, so it makes sense that you’ll find floral bunches to gift someone special or even yourself. Visit their social pages for delivery offers and holiday specials. Find out more here.

3. Flowerboy Project

Flowers, coffee, and trinkets? Talk about killing three birds with one stone! Not only can you choose to arrange your own bouquet, there are also a handful of beautiful arrangements to choose from ranging from small assortments to grand gestures. And the best part? When you get tired from all that shopping, you can cozy up with a lavender latte and raspberry rose toast! Plus, they have two different locations so you can pick up a bunch from either side of town.

824 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 or 416 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014. See it on Google maps.

4. Matriarch

This WeHo shop-within-a-shop has everything from flower crowns to personalized arrangements. If you want a bouquet designed by the storeowner Kelsey Harper, you’ll have to order it a day before because she shops for the freshest flowers that will pair perfectly with the person you’re getting them for! There’s also an assortment of premade bouquets to choose from that are definitely worth flexing on social media.

Check out the website, here.

5. Gilly Flowers

What started at a flower stand on the streets of Silverlake is now a beautiful flower shop just off of Sunset. Browse through an insane collection of just about every flower you can think of and try your best to not leave with more than you planned for (good luck!) Not only will you be wowed by the abundance of unique arrangments and florets, you’ll also be stunned with affordable prices!

3936 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90029. See it on Google maps.

6. Marks Garden

If you’re in the market for a celebrity florist, Mark is your guy. Sure he’s got his hand full providing masterpieces for the golden globes and the Bieber’s wedding reception, but that doesn’t mean he won’t have time to make a bouquet… or twenty. Head over to his flower shop and creative design studio if you’re really trying to wow someone and gift them with major bragging rights!

13838 Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks, CA, 91423. See it on Google maps.

7. Bloom & Plume

When you want your flowers to double up as surreal, vivid sculptures, then there is only one wonderous place to go to: Bloom & Plume.  Maurice Harris offers Angelenos the designer version of floral arrangements—which is why the likes of Louis Vuitton and Dior and Gucci come knocking at his door. Here you’ll find a centerpiece that is unlike anything else, infused with all the character and charm of the floral artist himself.

1640 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA See it on Google maps

8. Morning Lavender

This beautiful lifestyle boutique and cafe is an entire experience. If you like your flower shopping to simultaneously provide therapy then this is your destination. Browse beautiful arrangements that mix fresh and everlasting dry flowers, along with stunning craft pieces, homeware and dresses, then reward yourself with a delicious milk tea. Find out more here.

9. Glasswing Floral

Owner Greta Pechter can only be described as a floral artist. She is gifted in creating mesmerizing natural masterpieces filled with the most exquisite rare blooms. Clouds of pastel roses are often accentuated with a vivid burst of color that creates a signature style. She is currently applying this passion to vegan tarts which look just as dreamy.
 1308 Factory Place Los Angeles, CA, 90013
[Featured photo: Flowerboy Project]

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