There’s A Cheese-Making Class Happening And It Features Adorable Goats And Wine

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

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Wine, cheese and goats: A recipe for pure bliss!

We all know that wine and cheese is an inexplicably delicious combination but what you might not have known is that the addition of goats in a gorgeous farm setting is utter bliss. That’s why 29 Oaks Ranch is bringing a taste of the good life to you with this virtual cheese-making experience. 

So grab a ticket and set off on a virtual escape to the idyllic pastoral setting of the Santa Monica Mountains. Here, you’ll learn how to make your own farm-fresh cheese with the irresistible distraction of adorable four-legged residents.  

You’ll join your host Lynn, the owner of the vast organic farm, where you’ll be introduced to the sweet goats and become acquainted with their quirky, mischievous nature. After your heart has completely melted from doting on the newborn kids, you’ll move to the outdoor kitchen where you’ll discover the entire process of making farm-style goat cheese. 

There’s no denying that kitchens have taken center stage since the crisis hit, as we all seek refuge in a freshly baked loaf of Sourdough bread. So why not add rich comfort food like cheese to your culinary repertoire? Once you find out how simple it is, you’ll never want to buy it off the shelves again.  

Beyond making cheese, there’s enjoying it. Lynn, being a wine enthusiast and having studied wine-making locally and in Europe, will be showcasing a California wine during the session which also pairs well with the cheese. 

If you decide to make cheese along with Lynn, which you’ll probably want to, you will need the following:

  • 8 ounces or more of goat milk, preferable raw or pasteurized (avoid ultra-pasteurized)
  • A lemon 
  • Vinegar 
  • A strainer 
  • A piece of cheesecloth

Serving suggestion: a good California wine

If the session leaves you yearning for more, you’ll be pleased to know that they also offer overnight stays, horse trail rides. On-site visits, goat parties, and petting zoos, as well as wine and whiskey tastings, are offered by appointment too. After attending your session you’ll become an honorary member of 29 Oaks and will be able to visit the lush ranch whenever you find yourself in Los Angeles. 

Take yourself on a city escape with this virtual cheese making class! 


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