Enter A World Of Wonders With The Witches Brew Magickal Marketplace and Brew Fest

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Enter A World Of Wonders With The Witches Brew Magickal Marketplace and Brew Fest

This spellbinding brew fest is your portal to an occult realm! 

Gather around the cauldron and lose yourself in the world of magick! The Witches Brew Magickal Marketplace and Brew Fest is conjuring up an entire night of thrills, brews and debauchery to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve got your tickets you’ll enter an enchanting world of wonderments. You’re 8-hour journey begins with a curated selection of 6 craft brews and 2 coffees from shops and breweries like Cat Fight Coffee, Boomtown Brewery, Absolution Brewing and Julian Hard Cider—which will be available for curbside pickup throughout SoCal.

Boomtown Brewery

After sampling the brews you’ll be ready to explore all sorts of mystic activities that lie ahead. There’ll be live tarot readings, a burlesque performance by Emma Vauxdevil, witch-themed bingo and trivia hosted by Murders by Chelsea. Zachariah The Witch will be there to counsel you on all your spiritual needs. 

Once you’re done casting spells and boozed up on potions there’ll be a host of spooky tricks and treats to enjoy, including a Haunted Happy Hour cocktail tutorial and the Holy Hangman’s History of Halloween, where you’ll delve into the fascinating origin of Halloween in America. 

Hop off your broomsticks and dance the night away to performances by Baby Magick, JPEG, Sammy Ruiz and more. But before you fly off, make sure to fill your “Brewja” tote bag with the incredible work from over 30 local artists, apothecaries and readers at the Magickal Marketplace.

You won’t want to miss this! Get your tickets here.





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