Craft A Personalized Vintage Wood Sign With This Woodwork & Wine Workshop In L.A.

Ashlyn Davis Ashlyn Davis

woodwork and wine

Come as a complete novice and leave a DIY decor designer!

If you didn’t spend your lockdown picking up a new skill like painting or becoming a self-proclaimed sommelier, then this is your chance to add an extra line to your domestic resumé. Broad & Brush’s Santa Monica studio wants to inspire a new appreciation for raw materials and turn you into pro with their inspiring DIY Wood Sign Workshops & Wine, starting August 29. 

Each session comes with all the supplies you’ll need—yes, that includes the wine which you can purchase throughout your session. From there, your friendly instructors will guide you through all the steps, from the materials and preparation to designing your vintage masterpiece. 

You’ll start by delving into the beauty of different woods and become familiar with knots and natural variations that make each design unique. Then, you’ll learn how to sand, distress and assemble your boards. After that, the real fun begins. Choose whether you want to paint or stain your board and personalize the using their custom stencils from incredible graphic designers.  

Even if you’ve never lifted a hammer or have no idea what a power tool is, you’ll be in safe hands. This welcoming atmosphere is filled with craft, creativity, and friendly faces make sure you leave with all your limbs and a gorgeous sign to hang up in your home. 

When the experience is over, every holiday and special occasion will suddenly become an opportunity to flex your creativity and get the satisfaction of having done it all yourself. Yes, that probably means every birthday, bridal shower and dinner party you host is probably going to feature a wood sign. 

Get ready to sip, sand, and paint under the skies. Book your class here!

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