This Mind-Boggling Art Playground In Hollywood Features 4 Unique Worlds

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This Mind-Boggling Art Playground In Hollywood Features 4 Unique Worlds

Step into the dazzling World of Illusions where nothing is at it seems!

Delight your senses and let your imagination run wild in this epic Instagram-ready haven where four incomprehensible interactive worlds await. Go on an African Safari filled at the Museum of Illusions, lounge on a sofa located on the ceiling at the Upside Down House, find a doughnut the size of a monster truck at the Giant’s House or blow of some steam at the Smash It. Choose one or get a pass to them all. Either way, your social feeds will get a vibrant pop of color and your mind will be doing all sorts of gymnastics as it traverses this artistic playground.

The Museum of Illusions houses 30 three-dimensional masterpieces created by top artists from around the world. Each eye-popping work invites you to take the stage, get creative and become a part of the story. Ride a rogue elephant in Africa, cross a river of molten lava or scale the side of building. You could even dress up and have your red carpet moment with Hollywood A-listers, star in your favorite cartoon series, rewrite the Jack’s fate in Titanic or get into the ring with Donald Trump. The possibilities are endless!

If the world’s feeling a cramped for you, why not shrink yourself down and step inside the Giant’s House, where you’ll be dwarfed by supersized objects like a pizza with slices that average the size of a full-grown adult, burger fit for King Kong or a cereal bowl that’s big enough to do laps in. This larger-than-life experience is the real-life version of Downsizing or Ant Man, but with fewer looming threats and more of our beloved everyday luxuries.

If you’re looking for a change of perepctive allow Upside Down House to flip your world around. Who ever said furniture needed to be on the floor? Cooking breakfast in an upside-down kitchen, climb into bed—conveniently located on the ceiling—and lose all sense of which way the right way up is.

And last, but not least, you can release all of that tension acquired from years of L.A. traffic at Smash It! This cathartic experience is the closest you’ll get to attending a Greek wedding, where you’ll get to smash, throw,

Flash photography is not just allowed, it’s encouraged! The World of Illusions is your stage and you’re the star of the show. So gather your friends, let your imagination soar and bring your fantasies to life. Hurry though, these exihbtions are changed up regularly so be sure to check these out while you still can.

Book your tickets and take your mind on a vibrant adventure! 

World of Illusions! 4 Unique Experiences

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