10 Instagram Filters That Will Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

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10 Instagram Filters That Will Keep You Entertained During Quarantine

Feel likes the perfect time to start a career in social media!

We’d be lying to admit that the thought of becoming an “influencer” hasn’t crossed our minds… after all, desperate times call for desperate measures. What else are we supposed to do with all this extra time on our hands?

Though you may not exactly catch your 15-minutes of fame or go “viral”, there are a ton of filters floating around that’ll keep you, and possibly your followers, entertained. From attempting to maintain a straight face or partaking in a virtual game of truth-or-dare, these 10 IG story filters are sure to keep you busy.

1. Gesture Challenge by @i.m.noel

Instagram / @i.m.noel

Recruit an opponent or embark on a solo challenge with this finger-twisting filter! A sequence of hand gestures will appear, and your mission is to complete the line-up without messing up (it helps when you follow the rhythm of the song.) We’re not sure why it’s so addicting, but you’re not gonna want to give up until you master the art of going from 🤘 to 🤙.

2. This or That by @shethespy

Instagram / @

This filter is pretty much a game of ‘would you rather’ without your friend struggling to come up with two options on the other end. Give your followers some insight about your perfrences in life. How else would they know that you prefer forehead kisses over snuggles?

3. Who Is More __? by @vamonke

Instagram / @vamonke

You and quarantine bae will get a load out of this one. Discover who thinks they’re the better dresser or more likely to rob a bank in a series of questions that you answer by tilting of your head towards the person “who is more.” To your surprise, you may actually discover something that you never knew about the other person… for better or for worse!

4. Question + Answer by @ethangaskill

Instagram / @ethangaskill

What is it about talking into a smartphone camera, at absolutely no one’s request, that feels so liberating? Put some context behind your late-night rambles by whipping out a filter that’s pretty much begging for you to explain yourself. On the plus side, this is the perfect opportunity for your Hinge match to pick up on a few talking points before your next FaceTime date.

5. Laugh Challenge by @at.augmented

Instagram / @at.augmented

The point of this challenge is to not crack a smile while the filter augments your face into funny, cartoon-like versions of yourself. If the filter detects a grin or smile, GAME OVER BUD. It’s harder to obtain a straight face with someone else in the room or if you’ve just finished up a virtual happy hour with coworkers.

6. Flying Face by @dvoshansky

Instagram / @dvoshansky

You may look absolutely insane to someone who doesn’t know that you’re controlling a game with your literal eyeballs, but it’s soooo satisfying. Control the virtual bird by blinking your eyes to maneuver through Mario-looking pipes; the best part is that it lets up to two people play!

7. Finish The Lyrics by @syazwanaizad

Instagram / @syazwanaizad

This filter may just expose all those lip-singing frauds out there… you know, the people who feel the need to record themselves “singing along” for whatever reason. The range of song choices pretty much sticks to all the hits you’d hear on the radio (yes, it’s still a thing), and serves as the perfect opportunity to show off those vocals skills you’ve been fine-tuning in the shower.

8. Truth or Dare by @kilderov

Instagram / @kilderov

Your favorite childhood past time has found a place to thrive. Whether you choose to play alone or decide to drag your friend group into the mix, this game of truth or dare will bring back all the memories from your sleepover days. The filter decides whether you’ll be telling the truth or participating in a dare, completely eliminating the chance to opt for an easier route.

9. NamePlaceAnimalThing by @iren.kolovska

Instagram / @iren.kolovska

Coming up with a name, place, animal, and thing that all begin with the same letter is a lot harder than it looks! Stimulate your mind by putting it to the silliest test yet. And if you think this quest is too easy, try coming up with something in all four categories that begin with the letter “Q’ in less than 60 seconds.

10. TH -JOIN THE PAC by @kipling_thai_official

Instagram / @kipling_thai_official

This filter doesn’t exactly encapsulate the classic arcade game, but it’s still pretty entertaining. You’ll have to open and close your mouth to gain points by eating dots that come across the screen, just be sure not to gobble up any ghosts! Swap out wandering into your kitchen every half hour with digital snacking that won’t rack up the calories!

Featured photo: @kipling_thai_official

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