Company Willing To Pay A Smartphone User $1,000 To Use A Flip Phone For A Week

By Malia Wooten

If you need a break from your smartphone, this may be the perfect challenge for you…

You know the saying you never know what you have until it’s gone? Well, Frontier Bundles is offering a lucky internet fiends, social media expert or a tech geek $1,000 to ditch their smartphone for a week.

If chosen, you’ll have to use a flip phone for seven days and track your 168-hour experience by logging how long it takes you to do basic tasks. You know, like back in the day, also reffered to as 2006. This includes making a record of how many times you wanted to ask Siri something, how many hours of sleep you got, and whether or not switching to a flip phone changed your productivity.

The chosen winner will get, repeat, $1,000 as well as a handy-dandy survival kit including a physical map, pocket phone book, pen, notepad, and a couple of ’90s CDs.

To apply, participants must explain in 200 words why they should be chosen. You’ll also have to be over the age of 18, sorry kids! The lucky winner will be chosen on July 8. For more information, click here!

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