Over 25,000 Medical Professionals Have Applied To Join California’s New Health Corps

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Over 25,000 Medical Professionals Have Applied To Join California’s New Health Corps

Govener Newsom called Californians to action and over 25,000 health care workers stepped up to the plate within 24 hours!

Many of us have friends and family members that have retired from their hard-earned positions in the medical field, and if you were proud of their accomplishments before… wait until your hear the news!

More than 25,000 California residents have applied to join California’s new Health Corps as hospitals across the state gear up for an expected surge in coronavirus patients in upcoming weeks. The most inspiring part of it all? The state received all those voluntary applications within less than 24 hours proving to us that not all heroes wear capes!

Just last week the USNS Mercy hospital ship docked in L.A. to offer 1,000 additional beds, while California’s National Guard transformed the convention center into a field hospital over the weekend.

On Monday, the state announced its dire need for medical professionals during these struggling times in an effort to provide additional health care sites to treat people affected by COVID-19 and to relieve the pressure on our health care system. And needless to say, the response was extraordinary!

“I’ve never been more damn inspired in my life,” said Governor Gavin Newsom in Tuesday’s press conference. “To see that number — just 25,000 yesterday, alone? Of professionals … that are willing to come out of retirement? To put their lives back on the line?”

Thousands of retired doctors, medical assistants, pharmacists, paramedics, and EMTs stepped up to offer their help during the novel outbreak, alongside those needing to renew their licenses as well as nursing students. State officials have confirmed that though the crops’ budget is still under review, those who are hired will be paid and will also receive malpractice insurance coverage.

If you’re in the medical field and feel inspired, click here to learn more about eligibility requirements and how to apply for the program!

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