5 Hacks To Keep Cool During A Heatwave (When You’ve Run Out Of Options)

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

5 Hacks To Keep Cool During A Heatwave (When You’ve Run Out Of Options)

Because laughing is the only thing that’s going to get us through it!

We asked for it… but now that the warm weather is here, it’s hard to remember what it felt like to not be covered in sweat.

Luckily, Los Angeles doesn’t fall short of creatives which is why we’ve curated a rather interesting list of hacks that will help you stay cool amidst the Southern California heat. From frozen undergarments to DIY air conditioning, here’s a handful of ideas to keep your chill levels low this season.

1. Cool down with the press of a button

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No, but literally… all you have to do is a press a button. The Embar Wave Bracelet is designed to hack the way you feel by using its patented technology to cool (or warm.) The temperature-sensitive skin on your wrist in waves, creating a natural response that makes you feel cooler by within minutes! It sells for a pretty penny averaging at about $300, but by the end of the season, your electricity bill would probably cost more.

2. Attach a mini fan to your smartphone

You know you can’t put that thing down anyway – look… you’re on it right now! Why not kill two birds with one stone so that you can scroll through the ‘gram and beat the heat? This USB fan is the perfect tool to keep yourself distracted from the triple-digit weather.

3. Say goodbye to boob sweat

Yup – you read that right. Thanks to Polar Products, all the ladies out there can just grab their Cool 58 Bra Cooler out the freezer and seize the warm summer day! Each order comes with a pair of cooling packs along with two sky blue cotton covers and is available in most cup sizes.

4. Take a brief moment to cool down…

Not only will these bad boys keep your, um… body at a favorable temperature, they also have a bunch of advantages for men too! Snowballs Underwear also encourages male fertility and can help ease pain.

5. Make a homemade air conditioner

Not every Angeleno is so lucky to have scored a place with central air conditioning; desperate times call for desperate measures. No judgment here. Check out this article to learn how to create your own makeshift set up!

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