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5 Places You Have To Try At The Original Farmers Market

By Malia Wooten February 5, 2020

Meet us at Third and Fairfax!

This frequently visited open-air marketplace has been serving up dishes to locals and visitors alike since the summer of 1934! There’s a specific charm the illuminates from the historic landmark as you wander through aisles of fresh produce, quirky shops, and best of all, treasured eateries.

The Original Farmers Market is a star in its own right, having hosted big names like The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and Marilyn Monroe as well as appearing on screen a handful of times. From old-school butcher delis to the best beignets in town, we’ve made a list of the best places to eat at the Original Farmers Market.

1. Fritzi Coop

Anything that comes in the form of fried chicken has a special place in our hearts, or should we say stomach. Whether you’re into Nashville hot chicken or warm pulled chicken salads, you bet you’ll be licking your fingers to savor every last bit. Did we mention that they have tater tots and house-made potato waffles?

2. Bob’s Coffee & Doughnuts

The beignets may leave you looking like you just made out with a batch of powdered sugar, it’s totally worth it. Bob’s has been whipping up the markets most beloved sweets for decades, and guests keep lingering back because of the delicious aroma that fills the air. Name something that beats a classic doughnut… we’ll wait.

3. The Gumbo Pot

What truly feeds the soul like Southern comfort food? (Answer: Nothing.) Stopping by this timeless booth is a must, especially if you’re in the mood for New Orleans classics. From Jambalaya, fried catfish, and course, gumbo – three varities to be exact – you’ll want to order everything on the menu.

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4. Singapore’s Banana Leaf

At first glance, the light-up menu of food may not look as good as we’re preaching to be, but trust us on this one. Ordering a dish here will leave you feeling that you just took a trip to southeast Asia! Yes, the spicy fried Malaysian Dish (mee goreng) is just that good.

5. Little John’s English Toffee House

There’s a reason Little John’s has been around for over 90 years. If feeling like a kid again at your favorite candy store isn’t enough of an incentive to go… we don’t what to tell you.

Location: 633 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90071. See it on Google maps.

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