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A ‘Cup Noodles’ Media Powered Vending Machine Is Popping Up In Torrance

By Malia Wooten

Foodbeast is teaming up with the Original Cup Noodles for an epic surprise!

If you love Cup Noodles (and let’s be honest with ourselves, #noshame), then you’re going to LOVE the Foodbeast Dream Machine that’s popping up at the Del Amo Fashion Center on March 1.

During the entire month of March, foodies will be able to visit a very special vending machine! Unlike its competitors, this Dream Machine is powered by social media instead of money; all you have to do is post a picture onto your Instagram with a curated hashtag that the machine provides you with, and voilà, it dispenses you a prize! Who would have ever thought that your go-to college meal would come back to reward you later in life?

Yup folks, you read that correctly! All you have to do to score some cool goodies is post a selfie.

Man does it feel good to be a millennial.

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