Start Warming Up Your Vocal Cords – A Boozy Disney Sing-A-Long Brunch Is Headed To Town!

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Start Warming Up Your Vocal Cords – A Boozy Disney Sing-A-Long Brunch Is Headed To Town!

It’s time to break out your crown or mouse ears because a magical Disney sing-a-long brunch is coming to Los Angeles… and there’s gonna be booze!

Sure brunch is great and all, but have you ever been to a brunch where it’s socially okay to “let it go” and burst out into your favorite Disney songs? A touring pop-up from Australia thought they’d give Mouseketeers across the globe a break by throwing a magical brunch where super fans and sing-a-long lovers could unite in the company of a few of their favorite characters!

Amongst live performances and plenty of enchanting photo-ops – princesses, villains, and adorable creatures alike will have the opportunity to flaunt their M-I-C-K-E-Y pride while dining on delectable pastries and bottomless mimosas. And though the party isn’t an official Disney-sanctioned event, the Beauty and the Beast-inspired table setting decked out with Lumière-esque candelabras will lead you to believe otherwise.

The Magical Brunch hasn’t released tickets or dates for Los Angeles yet, but we do know that the delightful crew has plans to stop by sometime in September (giving you more than enough time to look over your Disney troupe for a little lyric-refresher.) Other U.S. stops include San Francisco, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Indianapolis, Miami, Cleveland and Chicago. Entry will cost somewhere around $55 per person so that all your extra coins can go to that cosplay Cinderella outfit you’ve been eyeing since the 3rd grade.

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