A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pop-Up Is Making Its Way To Hollywood

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

A Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pop-Up Is Making Its Way To Hollywood

A local celebrity chef is plotting to spice things up with the hottest menu in town! 🔥

Make sure to bring your water bottles along because Chef Roy Choi is planning on packing the heat at his pop-up restaurant in Hollywood called The Flamin’ Hot Spot. Choi is teaming up with Chester The Cheetah for a temporary eatery featuring dishes built around Cheetos – and not just any Cheetos, Hot Cheetos!

The three-day pop-up includes menu items such as Flamin’ Hot Chipotle Ranch Wings, a Hot Cheetos Burrito, and an XXTRA Flamin’ Hot Rice Bowl – all of which highlight Hot Cheetos as the star of the dish! Chef Choi is even going as far as conceiving novelty desserts like Hot Cakes and Churros using the infamous red chip as a primary ingredient.

Cheeto and food lovers alike made sure to waste no time claiming a table at The Flamin’ Hot Spot considering that all reservations are booked. However, a note left on the pop-up website encourages folks to join the waitlist.

To learn more visit www.cheetosflaminhotspot.com!

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