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There’s A Nautical-Themed Bar In Little Tokyo And It’s All Your Mermaid Dreams Come True

By Malia Wooten

You won’t have to dive “under the sea” for a visit to this nautical-themed mermaid bar! 🐚

Sea lovers far and wide won’t have to travel to the Pacific to get their ocean fix – all they’ll have to do is head over to Little Tokyo! The tropical cocktail bar called The Mermaid plans to hail wines from California, Germany, France, and Argentina as well as a selection of West Coast IPAs, pale ales, and cider. Expect cocktails to be fruity but strong!

Owners Katie Kildow and Arelene Roldan who have also opened Lemon Poppy Kitchen and Steampunk Coffee Bar and Kitchen, plan to have an entire liquor shelf dedicated to woman-owned distilleries. They’re currently in the works of collaborating with other women in the bar industry to advocate girl power in a fairly male-dominated industry.

Both Kildown and Roldan built the intricate maritime details within the bar creating an overall mermaid experience. Picture kelp forest wallpaper, sea green leather banquets, teal leather bar stools, and a port TV hole that shows mermaids swimming by. The Mermaid will even showcase classy burlesque shows throughout the week, opening at 5 pm and closing at 2 am daily.

Location: 428 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012. See it on Google maps.

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