Tomorrow Is Opening Day For LA’s First Pop-Up Pizza Museum

Finally the finest creation of mankind is getting the appreciation it deserves!

Malia Wooten Malia Wooten

Tomorrow Is Opening Day For LA’s First Pop-Up Pizza Museum

Brace yourself Los Angeles! An immersive multi-sensory pizza exhibition is setting up shop on October 1. 🍕

Nothing hits the spot like a slice of melty, cheesy, doughy goodness. And thanks to the guys over at The Pizza Experience, fanatics of Italian pie get to enjoy an hour roaming around a 14,000 square foot themed and interactive playground. The trendy pop-up anticipates having a variety of rooms designed to inescapably satisfy your Instagram feed (and stomach.) Tickets are $30 per person and go on sale June 29 at 9 a.m.

Though details have remained on the low during construction, guests can anticipate visiting a pizza nightclub as well as an ironically placed fitness club. CEO and founder, Robin Boytos, invented the pop-up to celebrate and construct personal moments with pizza itself. Various installations give visitors the opportunity to roll around in dough, squeeze pizza dough and dive into an oversized cheese cushion pool.

Be sure to bring your friends, phone and appetite to this real-life fantasy! Get your tickets here 👈