Lady Gaga’s Character In ‘A Star Is Born’ Shines Light On L.A.’s Eastside

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Lady Gaga’s Character In ‘A Star Is Born’ Shines Light On L.A.’s Eastside

‘A Star Is Born’ received raving reviews after being in the box office for a little over a week! But everyone had the same question: where is it located? 🤷

It’s pretty hard for a movie to receive an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes nowadays, so that truly says something about the melodramatic (and tear-jerking) story about love and showbiz. If you’ve seen the movie, there are tons of clues and landmarks hinting at it being based in Los Angeles but a location is never actually confirmed.

Film critic Alison Willmore took to Twitter to figure out the living situation of the story’s lead character played by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

Some thought the movie was based in New York and others were confident that the story was set in a remote town in Southern California. To clear things up, Vanity Fair reached out to a Warner Bros rep after seeing all of the action Willmore’s question received.

Around 150 retweets and a Vanity Fair article later, we finally have some answers! Coming from the studio itself, Ally (Gaga) and her father live in Angelino Heights/Echo Park area and Jack (Cooper) lives in Topanga!

After seeing landmarks like Indo Valley, iconic grocery store Super A, and the Greek Theater – Angelenos can finally have some piece of mind.

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